Father Mark writes… about blessing

The word ‘blessing’ is a concept with many sides. God blesses us by creating the world and its resources and by intervening in the  world to  help and guide us. In return we bless God with praise for all the good things he has done. When we say a blessing over a person or food or something we use, we are thanking God for that person or gift. When we do that we say they have been blessed.

So the purpose of blessing is not to change people or everyday objects into sacred ones. It  is not to alter their inner nature. It is not to bestow something magical upon them. It is to praise God for their existence. It is to thank  him for them. And to ask him to continue repeating his blessings through this person or gift. To ask God again and again to bless  us through them. And in this way the gift helps us to see God and to deepen our relationship with God. In this way, a blessing deepens our respect and reverence for the gift.

On Sunday 7th July  at 9.30am, at the Family Eucharist we have the blessing of vehicles. Do please bring along your cars, bikes, skateboards, walking sticks, boots and whatever you use to get around! By blessing them, we are acknowledging they are God’s gift to us and we are asking him to repeat his blessings through  them. In this way we are deepening our respect for this gift and how we use it. Do join us, please! All ages are welcome!