Retreat Day 12th October 10am – 3pm

Our society tends to be over busy, too rushed and very talkative. We need a break from our over stimulated environment. There are things that restfulness, quiet and silence can teach us. A wisdom to be found in contemplation and restfulness. That is why silence and meditation are a part of the practice of all the major religions. This is just as true of Christianity as of the other faiths. Jesus often went alone into the mountains and desert to be alone with God. All the great saints of the Christian tradition speak of the need for silence, listening and retreat, in order to come closer to God and to find our true selves.

We will be having a ‘Retreat’ Day at Saint Giles on Saturday 12th October. This will consist of three short talks and then the opportunity to be silent in church for the rest of the day. Various ‘prayer stations’ will be set up around the church in order to help us in our prayer. The day begins at 10 am with the Eucharist and finishes at 3 pm with Evening Prayer. Drinks will be available. But please bring your own lunch. No need to book. Anyone can turn up.

The leader will be the Revd. Professor Stella Mills, who is a Methodist minister. Stella is going to talk about God’s creation and the environment.