Lent Study Course

As part of our effort to do something special in Lent, we always have a Lent course. This gives us the chance to study the bible or aspects of the Christian faith together.

This year we are going to study the early stories of the bible. We will begin with the creation story. Many Christians will not take this literally. They will be quite happy with evolutionary theory to explain human origins. But how then are we to understand the biblical story? Then there is the story of the fall. Adam and Eve listening to the serpent. How does this story help us to understand the existence of sin and evil in the world? What do we make of the tower of Babel? Or Noah? Just fun stories for children not to be taken too seriously? Or stories with a wisdom that we can well learn from?

The course will take place for five Wednesdays at 7.30 pm in church. It cannot be in the Barn because of restoration work there. So it will take place in church beginning on Wednesday 4th March. Do please join us.

  • 4th March: Creation
  • 11th March: Fall
  • 18th March: Noah’s Ark
  • 25th March: Tower of Babel
  • 1st April: Exodus