Digital Resources from the Church of England website.

Some resources are currently available and new content will be published in the days and weeks ahead for all to use at this time.

A range of Christian resources is already available:

Read a blog which outlines how a church can inexpensively stream a sermon, service, event or thought for the day. 

What will be developed in the weeks ahead?

In the days and weeks ahead we will be significantly expanding our output:

  • Simple daytime prayer and night prayer service – building on the existing daily prayer feed, we will record audio to accompany daytime prayer and night prayer per day, which will be available via an updated app and accompanying podcasts.
  • More video content – this will include video services and more content for Holy Week and Easter. In addition, we will make Holy Week audio content available.
  • Using – signpost those churches that are live streaming services and events. Churches need to add the ‘Livestream’ tag to their services and events that will be broadcast. Remember to add into the description, how people can watch this. You can add a link to the platform you’re using to stream, such as your Facebook Page or YouTube Channel. Find out more about live streaming services and events.
  • Mental health reflections – daily reflections to help people, especially at a time when they are feeling lonely, isolated or anxious. 
  • Increasing the number of webinars – to help churches stream sermons, events and make the most of social media. Sign up for free.

Alongside the use of audio, app, smart speakers and social media, one of the main principles we are working to is to make as much as possible available in simple downloadable and printable formats for those who can’t easily access the technology.

Prayer and liturgy

A new page has been created containing:

  • Prayers and intercessions for personal or group use
  • Special prayers for use if it isn’t possible to meet in church
  • A simple form of prayer for the morning and evening, which can be downloaded, printed, and shared with those remaining at home or who are unable to access the Internet.

These resources are offered to help those who are struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time, and to enable Christians to worship in solidarity with one another even if it is not possible to gather in church.