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Worship at St Giles, January 2021

Worship at St Giles, January 2021

Dear Friends,

It was lovely to see so many of you over Christmas and Epiphany and this message brings my greetings and best wishes for the New Year.

I thought that I would let you know what our plans are at Saint Giles now that there is another lockdown. The government has allowed public worship to carry on and we will continue with the normal services at Saint Giles. I attach a copy of the list of regular services that we are planning at the moment.

I would like to emphasise that we must play our part by abiding by the regulations. Social distancing,  hand sanitising, not mixing with fellow worshippers are all important. Those who are particularly vulnerable should think carefully before attending.  The law requires us to wear face masks, although a number of us do have exemptions for various health and disability reasons and that will be respected. It is very good that the government has allowed us to continue with communal worship and it is important that we don’t take unfair advantage of this. For a while, we won’t be having the choir singing and will simply have organ music.

I am delighted that we are able to continue with the ministration of the Holy Sacraments, which is what the Church is here for.

May God bless you and remain with you throughout the New Year.

Fr. Mark

Candlemas: Sunday 31st January 9:30am

Please note that our celebration of Candlemas, the festival of light, has been brought forward.

Candlemas, the Presentation of Christ at the Temple, is on 2nd February, 40 days after the birth of Christ. We will celebrate it the Sunday before. Father Mark will bless the candles used for the occasion. Everyone will be very welcome.

Computers for Home Learning at St Giles School

The Church Council has decided to give £2000 from the Education Fund to the School to help with computers for home learning during the present health emergency. It is required that all schools are able to teach children from home and not all homes have the necessary technology. This grant is designed to help fill that gap.

Father Mark’s Videos of the Eucharist, Morning and Evening Prayer

During ‘lockdown’ Fr Mark uploaded videos of Morning and Evening Prayer as well as Eucharists held in private on our behalf. The introductory video can be seen below. You can see the videos on Facebook or subscribe to the YouTube Channel. The YouTube Channel can be found by clicking here.

Through our Facebook page, we hope to keep you abreast of church events and share links we think will interest you. Press the ‘like‘ button to see posts in your newsfeed or set notifications to receive emails when something new is posted. Contributions of links, photos and videos will be very welcome.

If you require access to the Sacraments or to hear the comfort of God’s Holy Word, please speak to Fr. Mark who will ensure that you are not deprived of your spiritual privileges.