Who’s Who

Father Mark
Fr Mark, The Rector
Fr Brian, Assisting Priest
Emily, Reader, Fun Clubs
Angela, Churchwarden
Angela, Churchwarden
Jason, Churchwarden
Martin Smith
Martin, PCC Secretary
Jackie, Assistant Churchwarden
Sarah, Assistant Churchwarden
Claire, PCC Vice-Chairman
Jane, PCC Treasurer
Helen, Tower Captain
Brian, PCC Member
Michael, PCC Member
Ann Website Updates
Alison Grindrod
Electoral Roll Officer

The Rector: Rev’d Benedict Mark Crowther-Alwyn

Assisting Priest: Rev. Brian Smith

Reader: Emily Brailsford

Churchwardens: Angela Neale, Jason Knighton

Assistant Churchwardens: Sarah Higgs, Jackie Steele

PCC Secretary: Martin Smith

PCC Vice Chairman: Claire Drabble

PCC Treasurer: Jane Pomphrey

Electoral Roll Officer: Alison Grindrod

Deanery Synod Representative: Martin Smith

PCC members: Claire Drabble, Martin Smith, Brian Legood, Emily Brailsford, Jackie Steele, Jane Pomphrey, Michael Amos, Sarah Higgs, Stephen Oxley, Gill Briggs

Safeguarding Officer: Joan Link (Safeguarding Mobile: 07500 802172)

Safeguarding Champion: Sarah Higgs