Contributions welcome

We would love you to submit your own photographs to display in these pages.

If you are happy to share pictures of a special occasion, these would be very welcome. Please ensure that any photographs belong to you. We may need to resize or crop them to fit the display.

You can walk round the building and churchyard at any time, but if you would like to take pictures inside, the church is open in the afternoons in the summer. If you are traveling, please email beforehand and we will check that someone will be around.

You are welcome use the webmaster’s email address to send your photographs ( If they are too big, or there are quite a few, perhaps you could use a USB stick? We can lend you a USB stick if that would help. If you have a google account we could download the pictures from there?

If you resize photos yourself (although this is not necessary) it would be helpful if you use 1200 pixels for the length of the longest side, so that the picture can be viewed at this larger size.