Meditation Group

Easter Vigil Candles

Attendance dropped off, and so, for the time being at least, we have stopped these sessions. We still have Breathing Space on the fourth  Sunday of each month, and that is very similar in structure and purpose to the Meditation Group.

It is interesting to reflect on meditation, so here are the notes from when the group first formed.

‘In our society, people are so busy that it is difficult finding the space and time to think straight. There is so much noise and rush, that it is difficult to find the silence. There is so much talking, that it is difficult to still our minds. We are so concerned about material comforts, that we forget the inward search for our own identity and for God.

The aim of the Meditation Group is to teach us the discipline of setting apart some time each day for simply being still. We learn how to use that time of silence and stillness in such a way that we are open to the deep truths and gifts of God. Each session includes some guidance on how to be still, how to order our breathing and our minds. We then listen to a reading from a spiritual author, followed by silence for seven or eight minutes. Then there is a conducted meditation on a gospel reading, followed by a piece of music, both interspersed with silence. The evening ends with a short psalm and a discussion.’

If you are interested, Father Mark can give you some pointers:-