This section contains information about the history of Matlock Parish Church of Saint Giles. Most of the text is taken from ‘Matlock Parish Church An illustrated guide By John Drackley 2006’  with his permission and consultation and our grateful thanks.

Book Cover

The text is copyright of John Drackley ©2006. There is an updated version of the guide available in church dated 2012. The complete 2012 booklet can be purchased for £5 by sending a cheque to the church via the Rector; see the who’s who page.

Colin Harper was responsible for most of the photographs in the book, together with the design and layout, which also forms the basis of this website. Photographs on the website were mainly taken by Colin Harper and Glyn Thomas. Grateful thanks also to Peter Shelton for his interest in St. Giles and especially for the picture of the window above the chancel arch.

We would love to include more pictures, particularly in the Gallery pages. If you have any pictures you would be happy to share, please send them to the webmaster or to the Rector. Pictures of the church, or pictures of weddings, baptisms, group activities and social events would be very welcome. We can also work with videos.