Through baptism we become members of the Church. In our journey of faith, there seems a time when it seems right to make a renewed public confession of our commitment to Christ. This is what confirmation is.


Please speak to Father Mark if you are interested in being confirmed.

In the presence of the Bishop, who represents the wider church, the candidate confirms his faith and the Bishop lays hands upon the candidate and prays that the Holy Spirit will strengthen him or her in Christian discipleship.

Those wishing to be confirmed will usually attend an Enquirers’ course which is held each year. Those wishing to attend should speak to Father Mark. Whilst it is usual to go on to be confirmed after attending the course, there is no pressure to do so.

Holy Communion

Once confirmed the candidate is eligible to receive Holy Communion. Holy Communion or the Eucharist was given by Christ to his church on the night before he died (Mark 14:22-25). Through the repetition of the sacred actions of Jesus that night (taking, blessing, breaking and sharing the bread and wine), we are united with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The Eucharist is the central act of the Church’s worship and in it Jesus Christ is present in a very special way.

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