The purpose of a Christian funeral service is to seek strength and help from the Gospel of Jesus Christ for those who are sorrowful. It is also to give thanks to almighty God for the life of the person who has died and to pray that the soul of our departed friend or relative may find mercy and peace with God in the kingdom of heaven.

Anyone is welcome to have a funeral service at Saint Giles Church. It can be a great comfort to have a funeral in a familiar building close to where you live, where you may have worshipped, been baptised or married. The church service can be combined with a short service of committal at the crematorium or cemetery afterwards, or as some people now choose, the committal can take place in church. The funeral service can contain appropriate hymns and music or it can, if desired, follow simply the order as set out in the Church of England Funeral service.

If you decide to go straight to the crematorium or cemetery rather than have a church service, the Rector is very willing to take the service there.

Your funeral director will normally make any funeral arrangements for you. However, you may approach the Rector yourself to discuss any concerns. It is always wise to leave clear directions about your funeral for your next of kin, perhaps discussing it with the Rector first. This will ensure that no confusion about your wishes will arise.

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