Healing Services

On the 5th Sunday of the month at 6:30pm. Laying on of hands and annointing are available in a quiet contemplative atmosphere. When our Lord sent out his disciples to preach the gospel, he also told them to lay hands on the sick and anoint them for healing.

However, for many centuries, the healing ministry has tended to be overlooked and to be treated as a special ministry associated with places of pilgrimage and the saints. The Church has always had the Sacrament of Anointing but unfortunately for many centuries this was treated simply as a preparation for death.

During the twentieth century, the healing ministry of the Church underwent something of a renewal. It was recognised that this is part of the normal work that our Lord has given to his disciples. It has been realised that the work of prayer for the sick should not be simply that the sick accept their sick condition with faith but that we should pray with hope that our Lord will work his healing power upon them. More people have prayed with the expectation that God will heal people. This healing power of God of course works through the normal course of nature, through the skills of the medical and nursing staff who care for the sick, and through the love of the sick person’s family. However, more people also pray in the hope that our Lord, who worked healing signs in the gospels, will continue this work among us now.

The service will contain a ministry of the word, with scripture reading and homily. There will be a time of intercession for the sick. After that, anyone will be welcome to come forward and receive the laying on of hands and anointing. You can do this for yourself, to receive God’s inner healing for either mind, body or soul, or you can do this of behalf of someone else, praying that as you receive the laying on of hands, God’s grace may fall abundantly on someone you know. The whole service will be set in an atmosphere of reflection and quiet, emphasising that as we come closer to God in prayer and stillness, so his healing power works more deeply within us.

Dates for 2021 (6:30pm in church)

  • Please check due to the virus situation

You can Email Father Mark if would like any more information.