There are now many different places where couples may choose to get married. Many still choose, however, to take this important step in church. They do so because the want to ask God’s blessing upon their life together. They also wish to take their vows in a sacred place, which speaks to them of the presence of God.


Anyone can be married in this church if they live or have lived within the parish, if they attend or have attended the church for six months, if they have been baptised or prepared for confirmation here, of if their parents or grandparents were married here.. Those who wish to be married in church should speak to the Rector and book an appointment to discuss the marriage. Anyone who has been married before and their partner is still living will need to discuss their situation with the Rector as special rules apply.

The Church of England pages on weddings has more information about weddings including what to expect from the wedding service, fees and legal requirements.

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