Welcome to St Giles Church

Welcome to St Giles Church

There has been a church on this spot since at least the middle of the twelfth century.

The church was substantially rebuilt in Victorian times, although parts of the former buildings remain, including the twelfth century font and fifteenth century tower. Here people down the generations have come to seek the deep peace of God.


As the congregation at St Giles, we try to combine traditional and modern forms of worship. We aim to make the gospel available to contemporary society whilst being aware of the ancient traditions of the Christian faith. A warm welcome awaits anyone who wishes to use the church and what it has to offer. We are delighted that we have a lot of weddings and baptisms at Saint Giles.

The church is open most mornings for quiet contemplation and prayer and also in the summer months during afternoons.

Our worship centres on the Sung Eucharist at 9:30 every Sunday morning, where all ages are welcome and there is a Fun Club for children. There are a number of other forms of worship: a regular contemplative service with silence and readings, a healing service, regular weekday celebrations of Holy Communion, traditional evensong and a meditation group.

On the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm children and their families enjoy an activity and story session with tea in what is called ‘Godly Play’. We also have a number of social events. We share our Rector and work together with the Parish of Dethick, Lea and Holloway.

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Fr Mark writes… about the Animal Service

On Sunday 15th September, we are having our Animal Service at 4pm. I am sure that more people would attend this wonderful service if they were aware it was taking place. So do please make a special effort to attend and to tell friends, family and neighbours about it.

People bring their cats and dogs, rabbits and hamsters, mice and fish. I have also known a lamb attend, a horse, and a tortoise. I bring Gregory my goose along. And those who don’t have pets, can bring a cuddly toy as a symbol of the animal world. If you have had pets who have died, then bring pictures of them along.

The Animal Service is great fun but that is not its main purpose. We have an Animal Service to remind ourselves that we are all creatures of God, both animals as well as humans are creatures of God. That animals are created and loved by God. It reminds us that we should make every effort to treat animals with care and compassion. Many creatures are threatened with extinction. So many are cruelly treated. The Animal Service gives us the opportunity to think and pray about the important issues surrounding animals.

Pets play an important part in many people’s lives. For many they are as important as family members and close friends. The death of a pet can be a real bereavement. So the Animal Service enables us to recognise our pets’ importance to us and to pray for them.

During the Animal Service on 15th September, each animal will be given a special blessing of its own. Do bring your pets for this blessing and if you don’t have a pet, bring a photograph of a past pet to be blessed, or a cuddly toy animal as a reminder of God’s blessing on the whole of creation.

Autumn Study Course

Saint Paul speaks of the three great virtues of faith, hope and love. We hear a lot about love. Who could disagree with loving one another? Faith is obviously essential if we are to have any sort of relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

But hope often gets forgotten about. Among the three great, or theological virtues, it often comes a poor third. On the other hand, it is central to the Christian faith: based on the Apostles witness to the resurrection, we look forward in hope to what shall be.

This autumn our course is on Hope. The first four sessions are based on a film based at key places around the island of Patmos, where the book of Revelation was written. Then we will have two further sessions on Mary Magdalene, the first witness of the resurrection, and will be basing our reflections on the recent film about her life. The course begins on Wednesday 25th September at 7.30 pm at Saint Giles Barn.

  • 25th September: Do not be afraid
  • 2nd October: The best is yet to be
  • 9th  October: Heaven on earth
  • 16th October: The river of life
  • 23rd October: Mary Magdalene
  • 30th October: Mary Magdalene

Do please join us and help us reflect together on this central Christian virtue of hope.

St Giles Day

On Sunday 1st September we will be celebrating Saint Giles Day. There will be the Sung Eucharist at 9.30 am at which the Archdeacon of Chesterfield, The Venerable Carol Coslett, will be giving the address. This will then be followed by a glass of wine and light refreshments followed, in turn, by the beautiful service of Benediction.

St Giles

Do please put this date in your diary and make every effort to be there. Saint Giles day is our patronal festival, which is a very important day in the calendar of a church. We are giving thanks for the example of our patron saint and thinking of him praying for us in heaven. We are giving thanks for the history of our church and for all who have worshipped here before us and praying for those who will come after us.

Archdeacon Carol has not visited Saint Giles before. So do please come and welcome her and show her what a vibrant and forward looking congregation we are.

Garden Party photos

You can see some photos of the Garden Party in the Gallery. The photos were taken by Peter Steele. They have been substantially reduced in size for the website, so if you would like a copy of any of the photos, it would be best to ask Peter for an original.

We also have some pictures that Angela has supplied more recently:

Important Dates: (updated 22nd July)

Please put these dates in your calendars


9.30 am Sung Eucharist. Address to be given by Venerable Carol Coslett, Archdeacon of Chesterfield. Light refreshments and a glass of wine follow the Eucharist. The morning concludes with Benediction at 11.15 am.


AUTUMN COURSE: Wednesdays in the Barn at 7.30 pm

  • 25th September: Do not be afraid
  • 2nd October: The best is yet to be
  • 9th  October: Heaven on earth
  • 16th October: The river of life
  • 23rd October: Mary Magdalene
  • 30th October: Mary Magdalene

SUNDAY 29th SEPTEMBER 6.30 pm:Healing Service

SUNDAY 6th OCTOBER  9.30 am: Harvest Family Eucharist

MONDAY 7th OCTOBER 6.30 pm: Harvest Supper