Parents who wish to have their child baptised will be warmly welcomed. Please contact Rev’d Richard Reade, who will talk with you about baptism and the necessary arrangements. Baptisms are normally held during the Sunday morning service but, on a number of occasions, families have preferred a more private service, and this might be arranged. View a 3D scan of the church here.

Adults are also welcome to come and be baptised. Baptism was originally intended for adults. So there is nothing unusual about an adult wishing to be baptised. Again, please contact Father Richard.


Those wishing to be confirmed may join a short course of preparation. Sometimes people undertake this course simply to learn more, without going on to confirmation. Please contact Father Richard to find out when the next course will run.

You can contact Father Richard on 01629 581233.

You can use the form on the contact us page to email the Rev’d Richard Reade but please be aware that information on here is not confidential. A copy of the message will be held on the site and will be passed to the relevant person by the Webmaster.